Sunday, May 15, 2016

Board Update May 15, 2016

The first Board of Trustees meeting of the new Congregational year was held on May 10, 2016. Here are some of the highlights:

The board approved the continued appointment of Jennifer Hommel as Coordinator of Religious Education and Nursery Care Provider. We appreciate Jennifer’s dedication to this role.

The board approved two new Committee Chairs: Gary Evans, Membership; Larry Stauber, Sanctuary Services. Sylvia Ansay has been appointed to serve on the Committee on Ministry. Thank you Gary, Larry, and Sylvia!

The Board also approved the formation of a Leadership Development Team as a Special Committee of the Board. Thanks to the Leadership Development Research Team for their reports on leadership development in other congregations and their recommendations to the board: Allan Maxwell, Creighton Lederer, and Chari Campbell who served as chair of the task force.

The board also discussed and agreed upon access to information in the new Breeze software system information. Thank you Nickie Albert for leading this initiative, and Harry Wolin and Barbara Hatzfeld for their implementation work. If you have an email address and have not received an invitation to register on the system. Please contact Barbara or Nickie.

A Board retreat is planned for June where we will begin to develop goals for the Congregation, for the board, and for our developmental ministry. Suggestions from the Congregation prior to the retreat will be welcomed.

Next Sunday, the prospective intern minister will lead the service and answer questions during coffee hour. At the June board meeting, the board will make a final decision on having an intern minister . Please make a special effort to attend the service next Sunday and let members of the board have your feedback.  

We will also be making a decision on repurposing the Thrift Store space. Please share your thoughts about repurposing the space with the President. We won’t be able to please everyone, but we want to know what you think.

Paul G. Ward
President, Board of Trustees

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