Sunday, July 3, 2016

Celebrate Blooming

On your Bicentennial birth day
I vowed to match your perfection
By being a perfect mother
 A Mom for all seasons

I fell short, as you’ve said—
The reason:  Never thought
There was such harshness
That would hurt you so much

I cry at not having been
Able to protect you
From the pain & suffering
You’ve endured

They say “Brokenness
That hasn’t killed you
Makes you stronger”
What else explains your
Indomitable spirit of
Love & generosity,
Integrity, compassion--
A phenomenon
Manifested today
In your being
A mother to my garden--
You learned to meet
Special needs of each plant
Like you have met your own

Nestled gardenia
In embrace of family
Of mint, rosemary, & jasmine
You regulate its chemistry
Proportions of acid/ water
Light/dark, fertilizer/dirt

You model moderation:
Balance--not perfection-- to thrive

Behold more buds every day
A profusion of blossoms
Today, six waxen beauties
Permeate the air
With a scent for the gods

Celebrate Blooming, a poem composed and read by Judith Kraft, presented at the 1stUUPB Sunday service, July 3, 2016.

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