Sunday, October 16, 2016


Hurricane Matthew passed us by with limited impact but not before we readied our campus for the worst. Thanks to our Sexton Willie Nelson for ensuring our security and to Ben Juhl and Sylvia Ansay for guiding the preparation and clean up.

The board approved the appointment of Maria Cristina Gonzalez-Lopez as the new Religious Education Committee chair. Thank you to Maria for stepping up and to Richard Keelan for your leadership over the past few years. 

Rev. CJ has announced his decision to leave the Congregation. The board strongly supports CJ’s desire to complete his contract, which runs until the end of April 2017. I know many of you are disappointed that CJ has decided to leave us, but it is his decision and we must move forward.

We are planning to hold a series of cottage meetings next month to seek input from the Congregation on bringing in a new minister. We have a number of possibilities to consider:

We could call a settled minister although, because of the timing, that would not be possible until 2018.

Other options include an interim minister, a consulting or contract minister, or another developmental minister.

I was at the UU Ministers Association meeting on Thursday, presenting a leadership workshop, and met Kenn Hurto, our UUA regional executive. Kenn told me that the rules for developmental ministers have changed and would, in effect, be like a long-term interim minister. That would be for up to 5 years, but without the option to be called to settled ministry. Kenn is seeking more information about it.

The Transitions Team will lead the selection process. If you were invited to be a member of the Transitions Team last month, the goal has now changed, but the role is perhaps even more important than before. I hope you will agree to be part of the team.

I would like to clarify the situation with our intern, Claudia Jiminez. Even with CJ’s departure, Claudia can continue her internship with this Congregation for the next two years and I am very much hoping she will. Claudia and I are meeting to discuss possibilities.

I look forward to supporting this Congregation through the transition. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about the transition. As always, I am ready to listen.

Paul G Ward
President, Board of Trustees