Monday, January 22, 2018


We have established an ad hoc Marketing and Communications Committee tasked with improving communications within our Congregation and to those outside of our Congregation. We met for a kick-off meeting yesterday which helped identify priorities and also demonstrated the wide diversity of opinion about what is most important. I want to thank Gary Evans for stepping up to lead this Marketing and Communications Committee. He will be forming the team over the coming weeks. I invite everyone to share their thoughts about Marketing and Communications with Gary and the team.

Harry Wolin is leading the pledge drive this year. We will hear more from Harry as we move into the month of February. Your pledges will determine the budget for future of programs such as Religious Education and Youth, buildings and grounds, and everything else.

We continue our search for a full-time minister. Next month we will be seeking your opinions on the performance of our ministerial leader, Dan Lambert. Look out for a survey that will be available online and on paper.

Many thanks to those of you involved in putting on the Art Show. Ministers Hall is looking great. Our Fellowship Hour will be extra special this morning.

Thank you all for your support of the Board of Trustees and your active participation in the committees and Congregational activities. Please reach out if Dan or I can help in any way.

Paul G Ward, President, Board of Trustees